Tutorials: Now taking requests!

aka: everybody profits!

You may know that I’ve written 2 hacking related tutorials until now.
The first one was ‘Setup Backtrack 5‘ and the second one was ‘Setup a Pentesting Lab‘. (although I’m not really happy with the second one. It’s too short in my opinion)

I planned to do these regularly, but since I have a pretty laid back personality, I didn’t do them. I think a lot of people wanted to see some frequent tutorials on HowToHack and, let’s be realistic and totally honest, the quality of the subreddit has gone down rapidly.
Now don’t take that as me saying: Oh, since I’ve stopped posting on the subreddit, it has gone downhill. Only I can rescue it. No! That’s not the case, because I’ve never said that my tutorials have brought some quality into the subreddit. But I think some ‘How-To’s would benefit everyone. It’s in the name afterall.

My personal path I went, getting to this level of knowledge and understanding wasn’t a walk in the park. In fact, it was quite the opposite (well, not a walk in hell either. But it took time.) and I think I had a huge advantage. I grew up with computers, learned to read and write before I even went to school and have made lots of memories (good and bad ones) with all kinds of subjects around the main theme ‘computer’. A lot of people who want to learn more about computers in general don’t have that foreknowledge and sometimes struggle to get into it.

But enough of my past and let’s get down to business, because this weekend I decided: When I’ve moved my blog (which I’ve pretty much done now), I will start taking requests for tutorials and contribute again more to the HowToHack community.

Why do I want to do this?

There’s at least 2 reasons, why I want to write hacking tutorials. For you, they may seem a bit selfish or just plain dumb. But they’re my reasons and not yours. So here they are:

1. I want to learn more
Yes, you’ve read that correctly. I want to learn more, so why not do it the way, that others learn something too? How I look at writing tutorials is, when I write about something I already know, I have to repeat it. It may sound boring doing stuff over again, but that’s the only way how you learn to do things until you know all the ins and outs of said procedure or task. It’s even better when I write about something which I don’t already know. I get to explore that subject, which I may never have seen or thought about.

2. I want to socialize, build a community and feel integrated
That may sound a bit selfish, I know. But let me speak for a moment: I’m a pretty introvert person. I’ve never been a party animal, I don’t hang around in big groups and only got few friends, with whom I share hobbies, interests and can talk about everything. Now, while some people in my age may think ‘ugh! What a boring life. Go out, party and get some chicks, nerd!’, I’m pretty happy with my lifestyle. I chose it and it suits me. Nothing beats a Friday evening, chilling in front of my computer, talking and playing with my friends and having a good time instead of being in a loud, stuffed club with other people you don’t know and have to scream around just to converse with your friend who’s only 1 meter away from you.
Just because I describe my life here, doesn’t mean I expect sympathy. I don’t need and I don’t want it. My goal here is (like I said above) to socialize and build a community with people on the internet, which share a passion of mine. Hacking, networks, computers, the internet and everything that combines or branches off these few subjects.

Then there’s a minor third reason being, that I want to fine tune my English and writing skills. As I’ve written in my ‘About me‘ page, I’m not a native English speaker. It’s my second language and although I think, I’m fairly proficient at it, there’s still things I don’t know or get wrong. Writing in general will surely help me, improve my English knowledge and my skill to write good and interesting pieces of content, which will then as a result help me in my final examination and future job.

How do I submit a tutorial request?

There are a few ways to contact me and request a tutorial.
(Please try to use my dedicated requests email address as I can easily store and archive them)

1. Send an email to: requests{at}binarytenshi.com
2. Write me a message on reddit.com/u/BinaryTENSHi
3. Message me on the IRC-Server (when I’m not -away of course)
4. Stalk me, add me on Skype or Steam and message me

What needs to be in the request?

Obviously what the tutorial should be about. Here are some suggestions:
Nmap: Scanning LAN, discovering hosts and identifying services
Linux/Win: What is TOR, how to set it up and configure a hidden service
Network: Executing ARP-Spoofing, MITM attacks and how to secure against them

Keep in mind that it isn’t a 100% guarantee, that I write the tutorial, but I’ll try to write as many as I’m able to. Besides that I will continue my normal blogging (which has been lacking the last few weeks, I know :() about my experiences and stuff I think is valuable to this blog.

Also, please don’t submit requests like:
Hack a Facebook account
DDOS / deface website
I will delete them without a second thought.

It’s not required, but it would help me if the request could contain how the tutorial should be made. Normal blog post? A showterm presentation? Maybe even a YouTube-Video?
Let me know and I’ll try to fulfill your wish.

That’s about it for now I think. If you think I’ve missed something or it’s not clear enough, let me know in the comments!

I’m looking forward to your requests and hope to interact more with you guys!

BinaryTENSHi out!
(wow. That’s a >1000 words blogpost)


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  2. tANGERinepEEL

    Hey, I don’t have any requests at the moment since I’m really new to learning about security and am just learning the basics of networking and programming for now, but I want to let you know that what you’re doing is pretty great. Your blog looks pretty interesting and I’m looking forward to your future posts.

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